Top Thrilling activities you Must try in Berlin

Berlin, the capital city of Germany is one of the most popular international tourist destinations. Germany is famous not only for its Engineering Marvels and discipline but also for the mixed culture and its major tourist attractions – the Adventurous Outdoor Activities in Berlin. So if you are someone who seeks to experience the adrenaline rush, visiting Berlin should be on your Bucket List.

So here are the top adventurous Outdoor activities in Berlin which you should never miss.

Base Flying

If you are more into action and adrenaline, Berlin will definitely be a blast for you. Base Flying is a combination of bungee and base jumping. This unusual combination makes it top the list of most preferred Outdoor activities in Berlin. You take an elevator to the rooftop terrace of the 125 meters high Park Inn hotel which is situated right in front of the Berlin television tower. You will be hanging 125 meters above Alexander platz, with the most fantastic view of the area and a feeling of panic and bliss at the same time. And suddenly you are in free fall towards the earth. You will softly be slowed down just before the bottom, and then you land safely on Alexander platz. And of course, you can have the whole thing videotaped in case you need proof that you really did jump from a 125-meter high hotel. Base flying is not for the feeble, but if it is adrenaline you are looking for in the capital, you have come to the right place.

Quad Tour

This is considered to be the most preferred Outdoor activities in Berlin for people who love rash driving. If you have ever driven a quad you know very well that it is the most fun when the weather sucks the most. And since Berlin is not exactly known for good weather, Berlin and quads are a pretty good match. Quads are fantastic, there is no other way to put it. Accelerating to full speed to zip through a puddle, drift around bends in the mud paths or fly through the terrain is super fun. If it is very dry then there is a lot of dust, which is fun, but really you want to be there just after a good rain when everything is muddy. That is what it’s all about. Forget all the rules and just enjoy life. You cannot help but smile when you dismount the quad caked in dust and mud!

Live Escape Games

You might be confused if this is actually an Outdoor Activity in Berlin. Although played within a House, the Adrenaline rush in this game is similar to that of any other Outdoor activity. These are the real-life version of Computer Games.

It is one of the best Outdoor activity played indoor in Berlin. Your team will be in a room and you need to solve problems, puzzles, riddles, decode number locks, and find clues or physical keys and complete master challenges to reach a certain goal. Normally, this goal you are working towards is to free yourselves from the room within a limited amount of time. Some games can be more numbers and math-based while others pay great attention to details in the room or the historical setting of the game to provide an awesome experience. Other games focus on the storyline and want to make the game as realistic as possible, here authenticity is the key of Outdoor activities in Berlin.

“All these Ultra Safe Outdoor activities in Berlin would not have been possible without those Crazy Engineers of Berlin”

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