Explore the Offbeat Places in Zurich

Zurich may have a proficient air terminal and quiet, no-nonsense appearance, yet don’t be swindled as it has a number of offbeat attractions. It has history, identity and much more than simply the traveler locates that line the Limmat River and favor Bahnh of strasse, with its umber-extravagance boutiques and private banks. There are a lot of offbeat attractions to see in Zurich. Though, it looks like a normal place or is known to be a part of Switzerland having calm and soothing atmosphere yet there is a lot of offbeat attractions to see around.


Grossmünster which is another offbeat attraction in Zurich. It is a flawless case of Romanesque and Gothic design. The house of prayer, as the legend goes, was established by Charlemagne on the place on which his steed bowed down to check the spot of the graves containing three early Christian saints. In the grave, you’ll locate a climate beaten, fifteenth-century statue of Charlemagne and a duplicate of the same is put on the south pinnacle. The church is basically devoted to the three fundamental benefactor holy people of Zurich: Felix, Regula, and Exuperantius. The towers offer dazzling perspectives. The engineering is noteworthy.

Historical center of Art

Historical Center of Art is another offbeat attraction which is offering a fairly exceptional affair is the Museum of Art or (Kunsthaus Zurich) which feature a mix of western expressions having a place with the sixteenth century and the advanced works of painters like Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gough. The accumulations of this historical center incorporate more than 4000 artistic creations stone workers going over the different societies of Europe. Visit this place for its sheer aesthetic angle.


Begin your day with a walk around Augustinergasse. This lovely offbeat attraction is an old road in Zurich where numerous medieval craftsmen lived. Here you can see delightful and vivid houses with incredibly pretty windows. You can click pictures here, look at the shops appreciate some espresso or a decent breakfast in the eateries arranged in the road.

Lake Zurich

With its downtown area embracing the Limmat River, Lake Zurich is another offbeat attractions which is not entirely obviously the lake, but whose long promenades are fixed with ravishing flowerbeds in summer and have seen towards the Alps. Take a lake steamer on a beautiful journey to Rapperswil at the lake’s far end for a charming evening’s exposing.

George Bar and Grill

One of the most up to date landings on the night scene, this penthouse eatery with a parlor and broad patio hangs over Zurich’s calm housetops and gives an exquisite offbeat attraction to have an extraordinary night out, particularly in high summer, when the bar is stuffed and the music burbles.

Eatery Razzia

Don’t worry about it as being the colossal Swiss nourishment: the style alone is worth supper in Zurich’s most recent hotspot. It is Zurich’s one of the famous offbeat place that you would like to visit. The sensational eatery is housed in a previous 1920s silver screen with frescoed roofs, adorned with crystal fixtures, velvet banquettes and (for reasons unknown) an existence estimate stuffed giraffe.

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