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Enjoying the Specialties of the Top attractions in South Africa

South Africa is a popular destination and it is located on the southernmost tip of the perfect African continent. You have the popular attractions in South Africa. You can well explore the places to have the best stay at the place. The place is marked by the various distinct ecosystems. You can enjoy an inland safari at the destination of Kruger National Park. There is the Western Cape to offer with the ideal beach area. You have options to explore the popular attractions in South Africa. There are more things you can enjoy the place and feel good. The African continent is filled with allurements of the best order.

• Kruger National Park

It is pleasure to be here to enjoy the popular attractions in South Africa. You can be at the Kruger National park and enjoy the specialty of the place. This is one of the best safari parks you have ever visited. The park is 3 to 4 hours drive from the destination of Johannesburg. Here you get the chance to see the Big Five. This is one of the popular attractions in South Africa where you can spend time among the rarest of the rare. At the park you can watch the bushman rock paintings. Here you can walk along the sealed roads and enjoy the ambience of the place.

Among the popular attractions in South Africa you can wait to watch the Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. This is one of the most picturesque towns in the valley of South Africa. You would love the place for the mosaic of farms, the white washed Cape Dutch houses, the oak trees and what not. These are treasures to be counted among the popular attractions in South Africa. At Stellenbosch you can sit at one of the marvelous restaurants and enjoy the taste of the local food. The taste of the South African cuisine is sure to delight you.

• The Drakensberg

You have the preferred popular attractions in South Africa. Among these, you can stop to watch the Drakensberg located in Kwazulu Natal. Here you can stand to watch the Dragon Mountains. This is one of the most favored and well known popular attractions in South Africa. Here you can visit the awe inspiring Amphitheatre. There is even the Giant’s Castle Game Reserve and you have more exotic things to try here. You can walk through the dense forests at the place and feel elated.

• The Garden Route

The Garden Route is one of the popular attractions in South Africa. It runs about 200 kilometres through the breathtaking coastal scenery. The route will start from the point of the Indian Ocean from the position of the Mossel Bay located in the Western cape. The route ends at the Storm River and this is located in the Eastern Cape. This is the popular and the most attractive driving route and as you go along you can watch for the tidal pools, gorges and the thick forest areas.

There are the Cango Caves where you can spend time in utmost glee. As you move along the route you can feel that it is one of the popular attractions in South Africa worth visiting.

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