San Marino

Best Places to Visit in San Marino

Spanning just 61 square kilometers in size and surrounded on all sides by Italy, the little Republic of San Marino has its own government and laws. It is among one of the oldest sovereign states dating back to the fourth century AD. This small nation is mainly hill in its topography with its highest point atop a hill, Mount Titano, is the capital city of San Marino. Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in San Marino.

1. Fortresses

Crowning the long ranges of Mount Titano are three fortresses namely, Guaita, Cesta, and Montale, each with its own tower from where one can have a splendid view of the coastal plains. One can have the complete view from Rimini to as far as the Dalmatian coast. These fortresses are linked to each other by a paved path whose lower part is lined with kiosks selling drinks, snacks, and souvenirs. The oldest among the three is RoccaGuaita which was built in 1253. Highest among them is RoccaCesta which also has a museum of ancient arms.

2. Palazzo Pubblico and Piazza Della Liberta

Built on a stone quarried on Mount Titano is Palazzo Pubblico which is the official government building of San Marino. This building is built in the neo-gothic style and was designed by the architect Francesco Azzurri in the late 1800s. Its passages are decorated with coats-of-arms of the Republic while in the inside; a staircase leads to the Council Hall on the top floor.

Piazza Della Liberta is a gem for tourists who come here to see the ceremonial change of guard. Their uniform of these guards is made up of a dark green double-breasted jacket with white braid, red trousers having stripes of green on them, hats decorated with red pompoms and white gaiters which make sure that everyone gets a great photo of the event.

3. Museo di Stato (National Museum)

This historical museum has some rare archaeological collections ranging from Neolithic age artifacts to later Etruscan and Roman finds that includes Egyptian antiquities and Byzantine coins. Most of the items in this museum were donated by Italian intellectuals and political figures in the 19th century as a goodwill gesture towards the little republic.

4. Basilica di San Marino

This building was built around 19th century on the foundations of a fourth-century Romanesque church which is dedicated to San Marino in pure neo-classical style. In the interior of the basilica, one can see a long nave and two-sided aisles lined with altars. These seven altars are worth seeing because of their statuary and painting. The highest altar has a statue of St. Marinus which was sculptured by Tadolini.

5. Wax Museum

The wax museum has more than 100 wax figures representing historical characters. Each character is dressed in the clothing of their day and arranged in proper sequences, generally with their contemporaries. One figure shows Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler meeting each other while in the other one Jacqueline Kennedy can be seen in an audience with Pope John XXIII and Giuseppe Garibaldi.

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