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10 Things to do in Iceland, Especially in Winter

If your plan is to visit Iceland then visit during winters. Iceland in winters has a different charm. At that time it is cheaper because only a few tourists will be visiting Iceland. And if you are thinking it is too cold at the time of winters, then it is actually not. And the best part is whatever you do in summer, you can do it in winters too and few things to do are added at the time of winter what you actually cannot do in summer. All to do things are given below:

1.    Hunting for Northern Lights

If you are having a plan to visit Iceland in winters then visit aurora borealis or Northern Lights during your trip. You will find hues of red and green filled in the sky by this special night light show. It seems to be the magical event in Iceland during winters. It is one of the best activities in Iceland.

2.    Snowboarding and skiing in Iceland

If you are looking for a European destination which is lesser known to people and want to enjoy skiing in winters then Iceland is a good choice. In Europe, skiing is not those popular activities in Iceland like others and even not known by all of the people so you will find less population in resorts.

3.    Celebrate New Year and Christmas in Iceland

If you really want to enjoy Christmas as never enjoyed before, then visit Iceland. They start their preparation for Christmas from the 12th day of December. And the end of New Year and Christmas is on the 6th day of January by having fun with bonfires and fireworks.

4.    Explore the Wonders of the Golden Circle

One of the most popular activities in Iceland is to explore the Reykjavik’s Golden Circle.  It is also one of the most popular landmarks in Iceland. Under UNESCO Thingvellir National Park, a world heritage have some important historic, religious and geological spots in Iceland.

5.    Explore Glacier and Ice Caves

If you are a lover of winters then enjoy an ice tunnel, a glacier, and an ice cave at the time of winters in Iceland. After visiting you will feel that it is the best activities in Iceland during the winter season. You will get a chance to experience living inside tunnels and ice caves under the beautiful blue colored sky.

6.    Enjoy Glacier Lagoon and South Coast

You will find a huge number of waterfalls, black sand beaches, glaciers and a lagoon filled with minute icebergs. Hence, a trip to the South Coast between the Glacier Lagoon and Reykjavik is another popular activity in Iceland.

7.    Whale Watching

Another reason to travel to Iceland in winters is Whale Watching. You will find 20 species of whale in Europe. In the tour of whale watching, you will find other wildlife animals of water too.

8.    Snorkeling

If you think snorkeling in winter is not possible then Iceland will prove you wrong. Iceland will make it possible but the only thing you cannot enjoy is spotting good numbers of marine life and heading out to sea.

9.    Exploring Lake Myvatn Highlights

If compared to Iceland, Northern Iceland gets fewer visitors in winter. Still, you will find lots of things to do during winters over here. You can enjoy natural wonders like geothermal caves, massive waterfalls, mud pools and carters.

10.  Horseback Riding

The Icelandic horses with long shaggy coats make them one of the most beautiful creatures and the best part is they are very photogenic and even unique. They are one of those few horse breeds which are rare to find. Hence, it is also one of the most wonderful activities in Iceland.

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