10 Things to do in Amsterdam with Kids

Amsterdam is a popular destination for the world tour. The Netherlands is amazing. We seldom get the opportunity to visit the beautiful country with classic windmills and bright. tulips. By the time we take a Netherlands tour, we are ready to go with our own family. So we need to keep our children in mind.

Here are 10 attractions in Amsterdam that will keep your kids occupied for the entire day.

1] Food tour

Kids love eating, and food is the best way to explore the culture, and feel the heartbeat of a particular city. You can start with Dutch delicacies, and then move on to the Pijp area to get a taste of both the past and future of the Dutch cuisine with your kids, and at the same time explore the beautiful “speltuins” or playgrounds.

2] Petting zoo

The petting zoo is the most popular of all attractions in Amsterdam. Your kids will get to pet wild horses and large bulls. You can even visit the Artis Royal Zoo which allows kids to interact with the animals from a very short distance.

3] Boat trips

Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful canals. After an exhausting tour of Amsterdam you can relax with your kids on these boat tours, and at the same time learn some interesting facts about the city and its language. The glass top boats are especially exciting.

4] Windmills

The windmills represent the rural beauty, the countryside attractions in Amsterdam. It’s hard to imagine the Dutch landscape without the picturesque windmills. Go on a quixotic quest with your kids in the serene Dutch countryside. Do not forget the delicious stroopwafels!

5] Dutch painters

Exploring the Van Gogh Museum, the Rembrandt House will be the best way to indulge your kids’ love for colors. Any kid who visits Amsterdam will develop a keen artistic sense early in life.

6] Amsterdam Forest

If you think we have run out of attractions in Amsterdam, you are wrong. The forests are the beginning of a totally different world. From feeding goats and deer to eating delicious pancakes and organic milk and goat’s cheese, a trip to Amsterdam forest is everything your kid can ask for, and so much more.

7] Pancakes

Only Amsterdam can make this breakfast staple even more exciting for your kids. In the Kinderkookkafé your kids can cook their own pancakes. If they are older than 8, they can even be the chef of the day. You get to indulge in a pancake mania with your kids in Pancake boat with a spread of unlimited pancakes.

8] Bakfiets

Bakfiets are a very Dutch, and an extremely fun way of going around the city. Bakfiets are bikes with a clog in the front where your kids can sit. They are totally safe.

9] Amstelpark and Amsteltrein

Think playground, parks, trains and petting zoo, Amstelpark is a combination of all four along with boats and race cars. It’s also perfect for a nice family picnic. Your kids will also enjoy the unique experience of riding the Amsteltrein.

10] Scheldestraat

A hub of toy shops, nearby Amstelpark, and the perfect place to let your kids go crazy. Do check out Miffy’s shop.

These are the top 10 attractions in Amsterdam keeping in mind what kids want. Cover most of these places and your kids will have the most memorable tour in a while.

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